About Us

Air Balloon Surgery is a well-established, enterprising General Practice based in St George about three miles from the city centre in the East part of Bristol.  


The GP team of partners and associates is complimented by a large team of excellent, highly skilled clinical staff, including urgent care and practice nurses, clinical practice pharmacists, and health care assistants.


The practice has a strong interest in teaching and research and has recently become a training practice again. We host F2 placements and ST1 and ST3 registrars.  The nurse team also hosts undergraduate nursing student placements, and all doctors have an opportunity to take undergraduate medical students.  


The practice is able to offer a comprehensive range of clinical services to its population of more than 13,500 registered patients.  The large team of support staff includes secretaries, receptionists, and IT and clinical data administrators, and the specialised management team includes the practice manager who is supported by the assistant practice manager, clinical data and HR managers, and a finance officer.  


In addition to Air Balloon Surgery's employed staff, our patients benefit from locality-based excellent district nurses, community matrons, health visitors and midwifery services. Patients also benefit from external services provided onsite, including alcohol and drugs workers who provide appointments on site on a regular basis.  


If you are interested in joining our practice please view our Vacancies page.