Car parking arrangements

Dated: 22-Mar-16

We use Parking Eye to manage our car park. When using the surgery and Lloyds Pharmacy you will need to enter your car registration number into the terminals located in both buildings. This will give you free parking while you are visiting our premises. You will need to do this on each and every occasion. Should you receive a fine from Parking Eye and wish to appeal it you will need to contact them. Please write to ParkingEye at the address below or visit to submit your appeal.

In your appeal please explain the reasons for your appeal and ensure to include your Parking Charge Number (PCN Number) and any evidence to support your appeal. 

Please be assured that ParkingEye will consider all appeals fairly.

ParkingEye Ltd        
PO Box 565

Parking Eye will contact the surgery directly should they wish to verify any details submitted.


Q: Why did we introduce car parking measures?
A: Because our patients tell us it is often difficult to park and the car park is inappropriately used at times.

Q: Is the practice getting money from this?
A: None at all. This is purely aimed at helping our patients and access for emergency vehicles.

Q: What happens when I visit the practice and forget to log in my car registration details?
A: You need to come and talk to us and we will give you contact details for you to talk to Parking Eye who run this scheme, to appeal any charges.

Q: Why are you using this company and this approach?
A: This is a national and very reputable company with experience of operating other successful schemes in other GP surgeries.

Q: After entering car registration details how much parking time do you get?
A: 90 minutes or 1 ½ hours.

Q: What if I need to be at the surgery longer than 90 minutes?
A: If you know you will be longer than 90 minutes when you arrive at the surgery, talk to reception when you arrive.  If your visit unexpectedly takes longer than 90 minutes, talk to reception as you leave.

We hope you are able to support us to improve parking for all of our patients.

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